david archie

David Archie #6

Wohoooo ~

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama vakum, aku balik lagi wp-ing hehe

Jadi udah sekitar 1 bulan ini aku libur dan nggak ada kerjaan dirumah. Suwung. Buka laptop buat nulis aja males. Padahal sebenernya banyak ide yang udah numpuk.

Nah, kali ini aku dateng bawa kumpulan quote dari my future husband #ngarep “David Archuleta” yang uh, bikin melted deh haha. Oke nggak usah basa-basi lagi, cekidot gaessss !

  1. “I want to be the best parent I can be. I want to be the best husband I can be” – David Archuleta
  2. “Whenever this person comes (the right girl) I’m sure you’ll feel something you know” – David  Archuleta
  3. “To be honest I always have to say no one is guiding me better than God” – David Archuleta
  4. “The reason why you date people is to get to know who you’re gonna marry and spend the rest of your life with” – David Archuleta
  5. “Things never happen exactly how you think they will” – David Archuleta
  6. “No one can see your life the way you see it” – David Archuleta
  7. “The worst part of fame is not always knowing what I’m doing the next day” – David  Archuleta
  8. “It has been a great experience and a lot of fun. I’m just glad to be living my dream” – David Archuleta
  9. “Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing” – David Archuleta
  10. “I think the best way people can connect to you is by being real” – David Archuleta
  11. “It’s fun just spending time with everyone. It’s something that’s so simple, yet so valuable to me” – David Archuleta
  12. “Only recently I’ve learned, it’s an obvious thing, but it just took me a while to realize” – David Archuleta
  13. “I made up my mind not to care so much about the destination, and simply enjoy the journey” – David Archuleta
  14. “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have” – David Archuleta
  15. “It’s really important to do everything that you possibly can to stay true to yourself” – David Archuleta
  16. “Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time” – David Archuleta
  17. “You have to be different from the world to make a difference in the world” – David Archuleta
  18. “Without inspiration, we’re all like a box of matches that will never be lit” – David Archuleta
  19. “More than fans, they felt like a team of morale-boosters who would always be around to remind me of my own worth” – David Archuleta
  20. “I think it’s really important to treat yourself with respect because sometimes people can get down on themselves” – David Archuleta
  21. “If you close your eyes to see the view, you miss everything surrounding you” – David Archuleta
  22. “Friends are the ones who will always have your back and their perspective on you doesn’t change no matter what” – David Archuleta
  23. “No one can understand what’s the best thing for you to do, other than yourself.” – David Archuleta
  24. “I want to make decisions as to where I want to go as an artist, and to get to it in my own way” – David Archuleta
  25. “I hope i will see you @PTC can’t wait to see with all of you guys! Terimakasih, dan sampai jumpa Indonesia” – David Archuleta
  26. “When they’re people who are your fans, you know, ’cause they really feel what you’re singing, that’s my favorite” – David Archuleta.
  27. “You’ll never be lonely if you learn to be friend yourself” – David Archuleta.
  28. “Sometimes we need to take back and take a look at ourselves, a look at where we are” –David Archuleta
  29. “You have to think about how you’re going to present yourself and want people, wanna show your stuff and who you are” – David Archuleta
  30. “Without the darkness, we can’t really appreciate the light” – David Archuleta
  31. “The future can be a scary thing, ’cause it’s something that’s always left open for anything to happen. it’s a total mystery” – David Archuleta
  32. “Relationships are about helping motivate each other to be all that you can be ” – David Archuleta
  33. “Without family we feel empty.” – David Archuleta
  34. “Don’t be afraid to fail because only through failure do you learn to succeed” – David Archuleta
  35. “Sometimes you need to trust those around you because they may see something in you that you can’t see” – David  Archuleta
  36. “When they’re people who are your fans, you know, ’cause they really feel what you’re singing, that’s my favorite” – David Archuleta
  37. “If you have kids and stuff what kind of dad do I wanna be for my kids, and what kind of mom do I want them to have” – David Archuleta

source : http://pangeransamuelsamuel.blogspot.com/2011/09/fakta-fakta-david-archuleta.html


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